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You spoke and we listened. Participants asked for more information on topics such as form based code, parking and green infrastructure. Look no further!

The Michigan Association of Planning’s (MAP) is pleased to offer a new type of learning for your community. With the Build Your Own (BYO) Workshop series, you design the agenda using a dozen modules that can be mixed and matched to fit your needs.

What topics have your officials been interested in? Is there a new tool or issue that officials would like a primer on?

Select three modules from our comprehensive menu and MAP does the rest. These workshops will provide your officials with a greater understanding of more advanced planning topics and tools. 

Our highly experienced instructors provide a deep dive into innovative planning tools and techniques.  These modules have been pre-recorded.  Once you register, you will receive access to view your sessions.  You can view them as often as you like from now through August 2021. 


Asset Management - 36 minutes
Asset management is a tool to help government manage infrastructure capital assets. This presentation includes an overview of the process, tools, and strategies for undertaking asset management on your own. This presentation is technical and best for staff or officials who have a basic understanding of CIP’s and asset management.

Clean Energy Planning - 2 hours
This workshop explores why planners--especially those in rural communities--need to consider renewable energy in their planning and zoning, and provide practical tools for doing so. Local appointed and elected officials will learn how the market for renewables is changing and the opportunities that may exist in all environments (urban, suburban and rural). Communities that have large parcels of open land (250+ acres), who are considering wind and solar farms will find this workshop particularly valuable.

Community Engagement - 41 minutes
Managing the public participation process so that all voices can be heard, while ensuring that the input is meaningful and relevant is challenging. This module explains engagement techniques and tools relevant during a pandemic and beyond. MAP also offers a 3 hour community engagement workshop.

DDA’s and TIF’s - 35 minutes
Michigan has many different types of authorities that use Tax Increment Financing (TIF). During this presentation you will learn: the different kinds of authorities available to government under state law; how tax increment financing works; and what types of projects are eligible.

Environmental Planning - 46 minutes
What do brownfields, rain gardens, and complete streets have in common? They are all aspects of environmental planning. This deep dive covers the relationship between land use and the natural environment, the importance of environmental planning and current trends.

Form Based Codes - 52 minutes
This presentation gets to the heart of Form Based Codes, including how they are different from conventional zoning, when a FBC is appropriate, and how to incorporate FBC into your community’s codes. This presentation also includes Next Steps for implementation.

Housing - 30 minutes
Housing is a hot button issue in many communities. This presentation covers how a community should assess its housing needs as well as strategies for ensuring those needs are met. State and federal housing laws are also addressed in this comprehensive workshop. Next steps for implementation are also included.

Parking - 26 minutes
Parking can easily become the tail wagging the dog of downtown redevelopment. How can you ensure that parking remains the vital (but supporting) role in your downtown’s present and future? This workshop explains the past, present, and future of parking, along with case studies from small Michigan cities.

Planned Unit Development - 24 minutes
This workshop explains what exactly a PUD or Planned Unit Development is and how communities can leverage this powerful planning tool. If your community is considering adopting or amending its PUD ordinance, this workshop is for you.

Roles and Responsibilities - 16 minutes
City Councils, Township Boards, Planning Commission and Zoning Board of Appeals. Who is supposed to do what? This workshop reviews roles and responsibilities to ensure that everyone stays in their lane and goes in the same direction.

Target Market Analysis - 50 minutes
Target Market Analyses (TMA) are a powerful tool that can assist communities in planning and zoning. This presentation explains the in’s and out’s of TMA, provides an example case study, and gives you Next Steps.

Utility Basics - 48 minutes
Of course utilities are vital, but they are often mysterious and misunderstood. This presentation is a great primer for officials and non-engineering staff. It explains how utilities from sewers to electricity and everything in between work, how they show up on site plans, and what best practices should be utilized going forward with new development.

Zoning Administration - 26 minutes
The zoning administrator is responsible for ensuring the integrity and effectiveness of the zoning process and for the public support it receives. MAP offers a 4-hour comprehensive training on this topic. This module is an introduction for officials or citizens who want a better understanding of what goes into administration.