Case Studies - Inland Lake Communities


  Whitehall, MI


In order to protect the water quality of White Lake, the City of Whitehall recently installed the first Green Street in Michigan.  Lake Street, which runs along White Lake, was reconstructed to reduce runoff contamination by allowing water to filter through permeable pavement, native vegetation, and the ground.  Permeable pavement allows the water to seep through instead of traveling along the surface to storm drains, preventing the water from collecting contaminants like fertilizer and oil.  The City also constructed a bioswale, a roadside ditch planted with native vegetation, to filter storm water before it goes into the ground.

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  East Grand Rapids, MI


The City of East Grand Rapids focused on sound placemaking principles as they renovated their library and municipal building on the shoreline of Reeds Lake.  Over the past decade, the City has increased the recreational opportunities on the lake while also helping to preserve the natural dynamics.  The renovated library has a green roof and other design elements designed to minimize runoff into the lake, and includes large windows allowing people to enjoy lake views from the library.  A new boardwalk over the wetlands created recreation opportunities while allowing the wetlands to protect the shoreline and water quality.

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  Presque Isle Township, MI


As part of their Master Plan update in 2014, Presque Isle Township evaluated several different watershed dynamics.  The Township has shoreline on Lake Huron and several inland lakes, and the dynamics of each body of water impacts the water resources available to residents of the Township.  The plan includes an extensive inventory of the natural resources in the Township, and several objectives and strategies for managing these resources going forward.  For inland lakes, this includes preserving native fish and wildlife populations, promoting greenbelts along the shoreline, and removing invasive species from the natural ecosystem in the lakes.

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