Parking at the Amway Grand

How much is parking for registered hotel guests?
$15 per night for self-parking, $20 per night for valet parking (Both allow 24-hour in-and-out access).

Are both valet and self-parking available?
Valet and self-parking are available to overnight guests. Valet parking is located in the motor lobby off of the Pearl Street entrance. Self-parking is available in the Amway Grand Parking Ramp. The Amway Grand Parking Ramp entrance is located on the corner of Pearl Street and Monroe Avenue with entrances on Campau and Pearl Streets.

30 minutes or less = $3.00
Per Hour = $6.00
Day Rate 4-8 Hours = $24.00 Max
Day Rate 8+ Hours = $36.00
Lost Ticket Charge = $58.00
New Day Begins at 4:00 AM
Valet Parking
Express Valet 1-2 Hours = $12.00
Daily Valet 2-10 Hours = $24.00 Max
Valet 10 + Hours = $42.00

Parking Downtown Grand Rapids

Ramps & Lots
Parking rates in publicly- and privately-owned lots and garages vary.  Click here  for map of parking and transportation options.  

Generally as of September 2017, hourly rates for Downtown ramps range from $2.50 – $3.00 with daily maximums between $12.00 and $20.00.

Rates on lots range from a flat charge of $2.00 to $10.00 per day depending on location. Most lots only accept coin and cash.

Street Parking
Hourly rates vary by location ($1.25 – $1.75/hour) and are posted on the meter. Meters accept coins (dollar coins, quarters, dimes and nickels) and also work with the Motuapp. On-street parking is free on Sundays and major holidays.

Downtown parking meters are not typically enforced during evenings and weekends. Be sure to check posted signs and enforcement hours for your specific meter.

  • Evenings: Unless otherwise marked, parking meters in Grand Rapids are not enforced after 6:00 PM Monday through Friday.
  • Saturdays: Most parking meters in Grand Rapids are not enforced, although meters along Monroe Center are enforced during the day.
  • Sundays: Street parking is always free.