Tools for Communities


Master Plans

Zoning Standards

Filling the Gaps

Ports and Port Authorities

Road Ends

Fiscal Impact Analysis

Green Streets

Lake Boards

Site Plan Review

Shoreline Protection

Sensitive Area Protection

Public Spending and CIP

PUDs and Cluster Developments

Land Division and Subdivision Ordinances

Fees for Professional Reviews

Environmental Assessment Requirements

Coordinated Permit Review and Approval Procedures

Adopt Model Ordinance Language




The links to the left provide information describing some of the tools communities can use to plan for sustainability and resiliency.  Each community will use these tools differently to protect the assets that make their community special.  Some tools, such as the fiscal impact analysis, help communities assess vulnerabilities from the beginning of a planning process and respond to climate change.  Other tools help communities find the most appropriate regulation to protect their natural resources, or develop infrastructure that is more resilient to the threats of climate change and more intense weather events.  Civic leaders should consider which tools will allow the community to create a sense of place, attract talent and economic growth, attract tourists, provide recreational opportunities, protect natural features, and achieve any other goals desired by the community.