MAP Part of Multi-Organization Transportation Coalition

  senior biking country road   


The Michigan Association of Planning is part of a larger coalition of stakeholders who are advocating for a transportation system that focuses on moving people from point A to Point B safely and efficiently, regardless of the mode they chose.  MAP has been speaking to a demographic shift in Michigan for a very long time, and about the need to invest in mobility systems that address the needs of all users.  From aging boomers who are finding themselves in greater need of transportation options that do not require them to drive, to our millennial and generation Z population deferring getting a driver’s license and choosing where to live based on access to a multi-modal transportation network that doesn’t require them to have a car, we must plan and invest in a system that meets this changing need. 

It is more important than ever for the state to invest in systems, not just pavement, which will make Michigan a more attractive place to live, work, and play.

Planners can wield great influence with Michigan legislators as they look to adopt a budget.  And as the budget deadline moves closer, it’s time to reach out to YOUR legislator and demand that transit and non-motorized funding levels are not cut.  Planners have the knowledge, data and expertise to make these arguments.   To influence change.  To lend our voice to a movement that make a difference in all lives.

Let’s initiate a discussion that insists that sustainable revenue be put in place to build a Michigan that supports all residents, and attracts those that want the freedom to choose how they travel.

See the coalition backed article that was published by Advance Michigan on August 26, 2019 here