Metro Detroit Planners 

The Michigan Association of Planning (MAP) introduced an event series in Metro Detroit in 2010, initially referred to as Breakfast | Beverages | Bright Ideas | Books (BBB) WHICH HAS NOW EVOLVED INTO THE METRO DETROIT PLANNERS SECTION!

We ran events quarterly, highlighting planning and development in Metro Detroit with neighborhood walking tours (Liv-6, Grandmont Rosedale, Detroit-Grosse Pointe Border to Border, Jefferson East and many more); panel discussions (Midtown Detroit development, Community Development Organizations, and cross jurisdictional planning); historic building tours (Masonic Temple, the Guardian Building, Michigan Central Station); summer and winter holiday planners’ gatherings (Fowling! Feather bowling! Southern Fires! Mt. Elliot Park!); and our MAP Reads Book Group. For nearly a decade we delivered opportunities for Metro Detroit Planners to network, learn, and immerse themselves in the exciting renaissance of Michigan’s premier city.

This events program solidified into a more organized initiative with the establishment of the Metro Detroit Planners (MDP) in 2019. We created a steering committee, developed subcommittees to take on events and professional development, and established a schedule of events for 2020. COVID thwarted our events program that year, but we reconvened throughout 2021, and are ready once again to launch a range of events that will bring together Metro Detroit Planners.

Black Student Conference Scholarship

The Metro Detroit Planners are doing more than plan and organize exciting and inspiring events.  The MDP Career Development Committee developed and launched a scholarship program for Black students studying planning to cover all costs to attend the MAP Conference on Mackinac Island from October 12 to 14.  A short and successful fundraising campaign among MDP members exceeded our goals.  We will likely institutionalize this scholarship going forward.

If you are a Black student studying planning in Michigan, you may be eligible for the scholarship! The deadline for the 2022 scholarship has passed.  Please contact Executive Director Andrea Brown [email protected] if you are interested in next year's scholarship.  

Upcoming Events


Neighborhood Defenders book cover

MAP Reads  and Planners' Night Out 
September 22 | 6 to 9 PM 

We are combining MAP Reads (Neighborhood Defenders by Katherine Levine Einstein) from 5:00 to 6:00 AND Planners' Night Out (PNO) from 6:00 to 9:00. 

Good Reads says:  "Since the collapse of the housing market in 2008, demand for housing has consistently outpaced supply in many US communities. The failure to construct sufficient housing - especially affordable housing - in desirable communities and neighborhoods comes with significant social, economic, and environmental costs. This book examines how local participatory land use institutions amplify the power of entrenched interests and privileged homeowners. The book draws on sweeping data to examine the dominance of land use politics by 'neighborhood defenders' - individuals who oppose new housing projects far more strongly than their broader communities and who are likely to be privileged on a variety of dimensions. Neighborhood defenders participate disproportionately and take advantage of land use regulations to restrict the construction of multifamily housing. The result is diminished housing stock and higher housing costs, with participatory institutions perversely reproducing inequality." 

Watch an interview with author Katherine Levine Einstein.  

At Brew Detroit, 1401 Abbott in Detroit 

Earn 1 AICP Credit

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