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Michigan Sign Guidebook

The Michigan Association of Planning (MAP) and Scenic Michigan collaborated to deliver a package of resources to help your community develop defensible sign regulations.  Sign Guidelines Presentation, Sign Guidelines Q and A, promo code to purchase Sign Guidebook, and access to the January/February 2022 issue of the Michigan Planner magazine.  

2 AICP CM Law Credits 

Cost:  $25

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Woodland Preservation Webinar

For decades, many local ordinances have required preservation of existing trees and planting of new trees to protect the environment and to preserve quality of life in our communities. Two recent court decisions have brought the implementation of those requirements into question. Join MAP Law Committee members, Richard Norton, Emily Palacios, and Mark Wyckoff as they present a tale of two townships and two court cases. Learn how to bolster your natural preservation ordinances from legal challenges.

1.5 AICP CM Law Credits

Cost:  $25

Please contact MAP staff to purchase.

Home Occupation Workshop

This 2 hour workshop, recorded on December 8, 2021, includes instruction along with robust Q & A with the authors. Registrants for the online webinar receive a PDF of the complete Home Occupation publication, along with PDF and Word versions of the Sample Ordinance language.

2 AICP CM Credits

Cost: $25 

Please contact MAP staff to purchase.

Master Planning for Housing 

The housing element of a master plan focuses not just on today’s shelter goals for current residents, but also for the residents a community hopes to attract and retain well into the future.  A housing element that includes a thoughtful and robust analysis of appropriate demographic data, coupled with a comprehensive community engagement program, can establish the framework to get the community on board and informed about local housing needs and gaps. This workshop reveals what data must be considered and how to get your community on board from the beginning of the planning process, so that there is buy in at the end for policies that embrace an appropriate mix of housing now and into the future.  

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Zoning Reform in Michigan 

MAP’s Zoning Reform Toolkit for Housing Supply and Choice, completed in June 2022, was created to provide local regulatory solutions that can be implemented now, without changes to the State Zoning Enabling Act.  This session provides background on the national housing shortage and its effects in our State, an overview of the 15 tools included in the Toolkit, insight about selecting the tools that match your housing market, and talking points to get you past common obstacles to implementing successful housing solutions.  

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Stand by Your Plan 

Density resistant neighbors can have a chilling effect on new housing development, even if the density increases are modest and “around the edges.”  The workshop offers specific advice for connecting the proposal to the plan during the meeting, and for bringing representative community engagement findings into the conversation. It also presents strategies for laying the groundwork for future successful projects: informing the community well ahead of potential new housing development proposals about the social and economic value new housing brings to the community; the what and why of new housing (the current unit type configuration does not meet the needs of changing population demographics, for example); and getting past single family zoning as a property rights protection mechanism with stories, case studies, and design images that bring new housing types to life. 

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Accessory Dwelling Units 

ADUs because of their size and the ad hoc nature of their development fit into almost all Michigan communities.  This session dives into the five elements of ADUs (what, where, when, how, why).  Registrants will receive access to exercises where they can follow along with the recorded webinar.  

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Build Your Own Workshop

Watch on demand presentations recorded on a variety of topics from Michigan’s planning experts. You choose three topics that are most relevant to you. Asset Management - 36 minutes; Clean Energy Planning - 2 hours; Environmental Planning - 46 minutes; or Utility Basics - 48 minutes.

Cost:  $75

Up to 4.25 AICP CM Credits

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