The information on this page was developed to help Planning Michigan presenters and mobile tour guides prepare for the conference.


All speakers, exhibitors, and award recipients must register for the conference. 


AICP Certification Maintenance

All sessions and mobile tours (except the Michigan Citizen Planner Program) were submitted to the American Planning Association for consideration for AICP certification maintenance credits. 


Speaker Standards: Educational Session, Not a Sales Presentation

This presentation must be educationally focused, non-competitive, and presented without commercial bias. No speaker may use a conference session as an opportunity for a commercial sales pitch, self-promotion or unwarranted criticism of a competitor. Presentations should promote the educational advancement and professional development of conference attendees.

Adult Learning Techniques

MAP has always taken education and learning very seriously. To continue to advance our educational techniques at Planning Michigan, you are required to incorporate active learning methods into your session. It does take extra time, but research shows that it’s extremely valuable for our participants. To learn more about techniques you can incorporate into your presentation, please refer to the links below:


Active Learning by Study Guides and Strategies


What is Active Learning?


Three Different Learning Styles


Handout Materials  - Deadline September 12th

This deadline is firm.  Our members have indicated that resource materials are important to them.  As a presenter, you are REQUIRED to submit a handout.  These materials must be instructive and educational.  We are seeking original authored text or copyright approved supplemental material.   

In an effort to keep costs down and move toward an environmentally friendly conference, resource materials will only be available to conference attendees on our Web site one week prior to the conference.   Sample resource materials:

Example 1  Example 2


Presentations - Deadline October 12th       

Please email your presentation slides not later than September 12th to Amy Jordan at This will help the conference run smoothly, and keep the program on time. MAP staff will pre-load the presentations on to a laptop before your session begins.

The laptops are equipped with Windows 7, PPT 2010, Adobe and QuickTime. If you are preparing slides using a MAC, please be sure they are compatible with a PC.

Room Setup -Audio/Visual Equipment

All presenters will be provided with a laptop, an LCD projector, a screen, a wireless slide advancer and in most cases a microphone. 

If you require additional equipment (ie speakers for video/audio clips, high speed internet, flip charts, etc.) please contact me by September 12, to reserve these items.


Classes are generally set with tables and chairs so that attendees have the ability to take notes.



You will be assigned a moderator to introduce you, keep the session on time, to pass out evaluations, and to collect evaluations at the end of the session.  They will use the biography that you have provided.  If you have not provided a biography, please email it to Amy Jordan no later than September 12th.

Session Evaluations

MAP maintains a standard of excellence for speakers. We expect your presentation to meet our standard of 4.0 out of 5.0 on the evaluation scale that includes instructor effectiveness, engaging the audience, and meeting learning objectives. 

This page last updated on 8/7/2017.

September 12, 2017 

Handouts and Biographies Due


Sample Handout 1

Sample Handout 2


Contact Amy


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