Equity Resources for Planners and Officials

The Michigan Association of Planning has long recognized the value of integrating equity in to all plans and policies. Our Social Equity and Planning Committee has worked tirelessly to provide tools, training and Equity Summits to advance the topic. Below are resources to assist you. This webpage will be updated regularly.

APA's EQUITY IN ZONING POLICY GUIDE  The guide aims to help planners and policymakers reverse and alleviate the disproportionate impacts of zoning through three aspects of zoning: rules, people, and mapping. APA has other specific guidance on hazards, equity, housing and transportation. Check them all out here.

 Are We Planning for Equity by Carolyn Loh. Carolyn Loh, Professor of Urban and Regional Planning at Wayne state University, was recently published in the APA Journal of the American Planning Association. Dr. Loh serves on the MAP Social Equity, and in partnership with MAP developed and launched an equity audit for Michigan municipalities to measure their success integrating equity into master plans.

In partnership with Dr. Carolyn Loh of Wayne State University, the Michigan Chapter APA and its Social Equity Committee supported the development of an equity audit tool for city, township, and village master/comprehensive plans. The goal of this equity audit is to explore the ways that Michigan communities are planning for equitable futures, and, we hope, to spark useful conversations about your community’s goals and values.

 MAP Reads recommended books related to planning equity and racial justice .

 Michigan Planner March April 2020 Volume 24 Number 2 on Equity

Social Equity Policy

COVID-19 and Racial Equity Tools

Mind the Gender Gap by Meghna Khanna, AICP

American Planning Association's Social Equity page

Three Ways to Promote Equitable Rural Investments

The Death of Small Businesses in Big Cities, Explained by Rebecca Jennings in Vox

Advancing Health Equity in Rural America

AARP's Network of Age Friendly States and Communities

Centering Racial Justice in Urban Flood Adaptation: Planning and Evaluation Tools for Decision Makers and Stakeholders by University of Michigan's Sustainability Institute

Michigan Environmental Public Health Tracking: MiTracking is a data portal containing Michigan-specific health and environmental data at the state, county, and sometimes local levels. The portal is publicly available, easy to use, and free.

Water Rising: Equitable Approaches to Urban Flooding and Racial Equity by US Water Alliance

Planning for Aging Friendly Communities

Equitable Enforcement to Achieve Health Equity by ChangeLab

Want to build a strong town? Make it work for people with disabilities by Strong Towns