75th Anniversary

MSPO and MAPA Boards through the years 

1960 MSPO Board  

1960 MSPO Board 

Standing (from left to right):

Armin Roemer; Harold Black, Executive Secretary; Donald Oakes; Jerry G. Mudie

Seated (from left to right):

Jay L. Gibbs; Bill G. Rowden, President; Alice E. Donnel, Secretary-Treasurer; Raymond A. (Barney) Trebeilcock, Vice-President.

 MSPO and MAPA Leaders in 1984  

MSPO and MAPA Leaders in 1984

Standing (from left to right):

Rick Chapla, Bradley Leech, Helen Nelson, John Donohue, Larry Libby

Seated (from left to right):

Ann Dever, Philip Hathaway, Jim Hendricks, Gloria Robinson

 1998 MSPO Board  

1997-98 MSPO Board

From left to right:

David Downey, MSPO Executive Director; Bill Hartwig, Vice President; Joy Nagy, MSPO Meeting Planner; John Sych; Leslie Kettren, President; Brad Pape, Treasurer; Rebecca Harvey; John Enos; Richard Carlisle; Kevin Christiansen; Stephen Cassin

Bruce Pape and John Sych sign papers merging MSPO and MAPA  


MAPA and MSPO merge.  John Sych of MAPA (left) and Bruce Pape of MSPO (right) sign the incorporation papers

Kevin Christiansen and Jim Tischler are also pictured. 

 MAP Board 2019  

 2018-19 MAP Board

Back row (from left to right):

Kelly Freeman; Lynee Wells; Jerrell Harris, Vice President; Brad Kaye; Sarah Lucas, Secretary/Treasurer

Front row (from left to right):

Mohamed Ayoub; Wayne Beyea; Suzanne Schulz; Heather Seyfarth, President

Not pictured:  Carmine Avantini