Save the Date!

The Michigan Chapter of the American Planning Association is seeking session proposals for our 13th annual Transportation Bonanza which will be held virtually in February.  This event is a one day training program that brings together professionals from the fields of planning, transportation, health, engineering, landscape architecture, and others to connect around the topic of community building for health and accessibility.  The program is created in partnership with the Michigan Safe Routes to School Program and the Michigan Department of Transportation. 

The Transportation Bonanza Leadership Team will consider sessions that demonstrate exemplary transportation planning projects. Examples include (but are not limited to) successful Safe Routes to School projects, innovative community engagement efforts during the transportation planning process, projects that connect local health agencies with active transportation, and other projects that advance the creation of healthy communities and expand transportation options and embrace walkability and bikeability.  Please submit a proposal via the google form that can be found on the following link. The selection proposal process is very competitive, and not all sessions will be selected. Session proposals are due August 3rd and should include a title, brief description and a short bio.

More information can be found here, please contact Amy Jordan with any questions.